On dishcloths and babies…

13 Aug


I am one of those knitter who never understood the phenomenon that is knit dishcloths. But then again, I hardly ever wash the dishes, that’s what the fiance is for. But now, in an effort to find some quick projects to fill between school work and my internship, I’ve decided to give them a go! Here is an in progress shot of the Topsy Turvy Hearts Knitted Dishcloth:

I’ve finished it now, but I couldn’t find my size 7 needles so I used size 8 and well, it came out a bit big….but it’s a dishcloth so who cares right? Right. Up next is the Skully dishcloth, which is coming out nicely.On an unrelated note, I need more babies in my life. I’ve been finding so many adorable patterns for baby sweaters, hats, booties, but I have no babies to make them for! I used to work with this woman that had the cutest clothes for her little girl and when I’d ask her where she got it, her answer was always something like “Oh I bought it four years ago at Old Navy before Bella was even born.” Nice, I think I need to do the knitting version of that. That, or someone close to me needs to get knocked up…..soon.


One Response to “On dishcloths and babies…”

  1. Andrea September 6, 2007 at 2:33 pm #

    I love the Skully dishcloth! I made one in hot pink; still need to photograph it though. I use it as a wash cloth.

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