It’s Done!

17 Oct

Well, it’s been done for a few weeks now. I just went a little MIA in the blogoshpere world while I tried to get some much needed rest after ending a not so fabulous quarter at school. I am glad to report that I am back!

This sweater was such a blast to work on! I’ve decided to embrace knitting in public and that really helped me finish this project. I completed the fronts, back, and shoulders, while training some people at another site. I needed something to keep me occupied, since I mostly sat and answered questions as I had the trainees “learn by doing.” After being bored out of my mind during the first training, I decided to come armed with needles and yarn for the next visits. Boy was that a great idea! Time went by so much faster and I got much more finished than I thought I did! This also helped keep my post training headaches at bay, I’m a terribly impatient when it comes to teaching and I always have a headache at the end. I’m already thinking about what I am going to knit for out staff retreat.

My niece brought my great-niece*, Nasreen, over last night and as expected the sweater is a bit big for her right now, but that is good because she’ll grow right into it. After I sewed the button on (I forgot to take a picture of the completed sweater with the button!), I draped the sweater over me and asked Nasreene if it looked cute on me. Her response, “It don’t!” What a brat….a cute, adorable, irresistible brat!

I also sent her home with this hat:


I made it a while back for myself, but it came out too small for me. This is what I get for being a rebel and not checking gauge or using the correct needle size because I don’t have them! It fits her perfectly, so once again she wins! And if you wondering, I still haven’t learned my lesson about gauge. I still just play pattern requirements (yarn, needles, gauge) by ear. 🙂

So there are my knits so far, and I’ve got plenty more to come!

* Yes, the little one is actually my great-niece, except I always just refer to her as my niece. Saying “great-niece“ always makes me feel so old! Hello world, I’m only twenty-six! So you will often see me refer to her as just my niece. I know, confusing.


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