My new toys…

19 Nov

Wound yarn

I’ve been eye balling some yarn winders online for some time now and last week I finally ordered this one from I read the reviews and realized it could go either way, but A) it’s on sale and B) I used a coupon for half off, so if I hated it, at least I wouldn’t feel so cheated since I didn’t pay full price. Don’t make me explain my silly shopping logic. 🙂

It arrived last week, and I freakin’ love this thing! I never knew how much I needed this in my life!  Despite all the useful tutorial online, I hate, hate, hate, winding yarn by hand! This winder good for the price and I have yet to experience the problem that most people complained about with the little metal arm. It’s standing up on its own and I am able to attach the winder to my kitchen table without a problem. It is for awesome. I have been happily winding my yarn since Friday.

I think I will build a fort out of my wound balls of yarn, tee-hee.


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