A hat and knitting bloopers!

27 Nov

New Hat

This is a hat that I made last month, but had not posted. I kept delaying my post because I wanted to share the pattern, but I wrote it down in the moleskin that I lost. 😦 It’s based on this stitch from Lion Brand’s website. I made the hat using Lamb’s Pride Bulky (I want to knit everything using this yarn!), which my LYS recently started selling. Although I think the hat will fit an average adult sized head nicely, it is snug on me. I might gift it or if anyone is interested in swapping, just email me! I love this shade of pink…Speaking of pink, one of my professors thinks I intentionally match my clothes with my hair. NOT TRUE! Pink is my favorite color, but the fact that I wore a lot of pink to her class one quarter happened as a complete coincidence!



... Opps!

One of these needles is not like the other….I found my knitting with only one needle this morning when I grabbed this project to take with my to my dental appointment. I looked between the cushions of my sofa where I found a needle, grabbed it and went out he door. It wasn’t until I got off the freeway that I realized that I was knitting with two different sized needles! One needle is a 10.5 and the other is an 8. Where is the matching 10.5? Boy am I good at losing things…












Edited to add: Does any other WordPress users have problems formatting entries in Safari? Is there a third party software to post that you can recommend?

Nevermind, apparently it’s a known issue with Safari, blah blah blah.  But I found a cheat my using periods and changing the text to white.  Whoooooo!


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