12 Mar

I'm crocheting!
(taken with my fandangled cameraphone, neat eh?)
Lately, I’ve been crocheting….a lot. This is odd to me because I was never a fan of crochet. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was nine years old and I’ve been doing it on and off since then. I’ve always had problems with it because my fingers are double jointed and tend to get locked when I’ve been crocheting for a long period of time without a break. Usually, when I stop to stretch my hands, you can hear all my fingers crack! So I stopped crocheting for a really long time because of the discomfort.
Then about six years ago or so, I learned to knit from a neighbor. It has been so fun and much easier for me to do, that it’s all I’ve done since then.
Two weeks ago, I saw all my crochet hooks and started debating whether to get rid of them or not. I picked one up, started crocheting a headband and haven’t stopped since then. I’m actually thinking of selling them on Etsy since I don’t use them regularly (my head, it’s an odd shape) and I am starting to build a collection of headbands.
Fear not, this is not the end of my knitting career! Quite honestly, I still prefer that over crochet. This is just a phase.  🙂


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