New Camera, New Cozy.

14 Mar

I spend most of my day thinking about how life could be so much better is everything had a handmade cozy.
“Gee, look at the lady’s cell phone, it’s all scratched up, she could sure use a cozy for it.”
A few months ago my co-worker walked in with her iPod and it was all scratched up! I told her she needed a cozy, went home, knit up a quick cabled cozy, and surprised her with it the next day.
So when I got a new camera, I immediately went and crocheted a cozy for it.
crochet camera cozy
crochet camera cozy
This was basically a scrap yarn project, which was perfect because I can never get rid of the tiniest leftovers from bigger projects such as hats and scarves. I like how the colors all matched up too.
Now the camera can freely roam around my purse without getting its little butt kicked by my pens, paper, and random useless crap I carry in my purse.


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