Hooray for new toys!

10 Jun

Winding a new hank of yarn is not the funnest thing in our home. It involves me having my husband hold the yarn between his hands while I wind the yarn winder. There is a lot of pulling, tugging, and all around frustration involved on both sides.   
A couple of weeks ago we did this again while winding a hank of Malabrigo yarn. All I did was fantasize about owning a yarn swift. The next day I did some research, the cost (up to $80 plus dollars, depending on the quality) is the only thing that stopped me from buying one in the past and I wondered, “is it possible to finding an inexpensive alternative?”
Off to ebay I went, where I purchased this little gem for under $40:
(Please ignore the dirty floor!)
It works perfectly and now I am able to wind yarn all by myself without wanting to strangle the husband with the yarn!

Yarn cakes
I think it goes without saying that he is VERY HAPPY about the purchase. I am so looking forward to winding more yarn!


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