A swift and a cozy walk into a bar…

6 Jan

I hope your Christmas was FABULOUS! Please ignore the messy background and bask in the amazing yarn swift that my dad-in-law gave me.
New toy
Isn’t it great? I was so excited about it that when we got back in town, I went out and bought two hanks of yarn just so I could wind them up! Don’t worry, I am not frivolously purchasing yarn, I plan on making a Thorpe hat for my sis-in-law.
I also received a Nintendo DS Lite from the hubs, for which I immediately knit up a cozy. The first one I made came out a bit to big and I wasn’t crazy about the colors (blue/green variegated yarn), but this weekend as I sorted through my massive stash of yarn, I saw these three leftovers sitting together and it was the perfect inspiration for the most perfect cozy!
Nintedo DS Cozy
Nintedo DS Cozy
The cozy was really easy too. It’s just a tube knits on straight needles, I think it’s called double-knitting. Basically, I used the technique shown here, but once I got to my desired length, I separated my stitches in half and bound off loosely. This gave me a nice opening for my DS to go in. For the pink and red color changes I just carried the colors on the side picking up the other to knit with every other row. I hate weaving in ends – this is the only way I ever do stripes!
I’m just going to pretend like there isn’t a 5ish month gap since my last post.


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