4 Aug

I haven’t done much in terms of knitting, which is why it’s been quiet around here. I blame the summer. I hate summer, although I must say, this has been one of the most pleasant summers I’ve experienced in my adult life, so maybe I shouldn’t complain so much. Not to mention a friend and fellow hater of summer just returned from a trip to Texas and he tells me it was hot & humid the whole time he was there. EW! We both agreed that us Southern Californians are really spoiled and should not complain. So what was I talking about???
Oh yeah, knitting.
I haven’t done much knitting. I think the only summer knit I’ve done was a baby sweater for a co-worker who is expecting a baby boy later this month.
Sebastian's Sweater
I love knitting for babies. Mainly because I’m an instant gratification kinda girl, so it’s always nice to have a finished item before I get bored with a project like I did with my sister’s annual Christmas scarf, which I started this time last year…. and I’m still working on it!
Christmas scarf.
Boy was I proud of myself when I started this in August of 2008. I figured starting in August would give me ample time to finish by Christmas, but I was WRONG! I blame school for this one, deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! Then my sister’s annual Christmas scarf turned into a birthday scarf (her b-day is in February) and that came and went. And here I am one year later, still working on the scarf. Poor lady has already bragged about it to her friends… but I’m happy to report that I’m got my knitting mojo back and hope to finish it by the end of this month. The pattern is Here and There Cables from Scarf Style, which is a really nice reversible cable pattern – it’s just so many cables! But seriously, it will be done before the summer ends! PINKY PROMISE!


One Response to “Greetings.”

  1. ashleysue August 18, 2009 at 12:17 pm #

    I never knit in the summer! I just can’t pick up my needles in the heat. However, now I’m busting through a sweater and trying to get some mittens in order. One day, I swear I will start blogging again…

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