23 Mar

Lately I’m all about spinning. I haven’t knit anything in a while because I’m obsessed with mastering the drop spindle. I first attempted to spin several many years ago – I’m guessing some time in 2007. I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I had hoped. I kept dropping the spindle and breaking my fibers. What I expected to be fun and relaxing turned out to have lots of frustration and swearing! I tried it again a couple years later and had the same experience.
Spin, spin, spin!
And now, in 2010, after obsessing with handspun yarn (again) I decided to give the ol’ college try… again.
I am HAPPY to report that I’ve had the best experience with spinning the third time around! I’m making a more consistent yarn (with a few super thin parts here and there) and have figured out this whole “drafting” thing. I’m so happy with my results that I have purchased more fiber and two more drop spindles because I’m in love with the process! I sit at my desk at work and all I can think about is coming home to my drop spindle (oh and my husband and my cat, too… heh).
I just started spinning this, which I purchased from Spinning the Web and I’m in love all over again… sitting at my desk, watching the clock.


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