Introducing MoMo.

7 Jan

Meet our newest kitteh, MoMo.
We welcomed her to our home in early November of 2010.  This little kitteh has got spunk like no other! She came from a colony of stray cats in my friend’s neighborhood and I feel like we are constantly trying to tame a wild beast. She gets into everything and claims it as her own! Remember these? Imagine how suprised I was when I came across this:
Yep, those darn cute ice cream cozies are now used and abused by MoMo!
Bad kitteh!

I wanted to take a photo of the blue cozy, but I couldn’t find it. Though I did find this picture from last week:
Oh, hai!
There it is, right behind her. It’s probably in her kitteh lair right now where she abuses all my handmade knits!

But again, scroll to the top and look at that pretty face and those very loving eyes. How can I get mad at her when she’s so darn cute??!??!




I can’t.


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